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Wedding videos, Love Stories, Super 8 films and more


Highlight Films

The Highlight Film is a cinematic video record for you to remember your special day by. It runs anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes (depending on your Wedding Video Package) and will feature breathtaking footage of you and your guests having the time of your lives set to music matching the vibe of your wedding and narrated with the very best audio grabs from your ceremony and reception formalities.

Teaser Trailers

The Teaser Trailer is a 2-minute sneak-peak of your wedding that I will fast-track to social media within a couple of days for you to share with your family and friends while everyone is still in that post-wedding glow. It will include a few awesome shots from the day as well as a snippet of audio from your formalities to get you excited to see your longer film(s).


Full-Day Edits

The Full-Day Edit is a highly polished, feature-film length (approximately 2 hours), chronological account of your entire day from start to finish and includes all of your ceremony and reception formalities in full. You can invite your nearest and dearest over to watch the movie with you and make an evening out of it — or simply sit down and enjoy it together on your anniversaries with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of wine.



"How We Got Together" Films

"How We Got Together" is a video concept for lovers from all walks of life. Whether you are newly engaged, recently married or celebrating an anniversary, share with the world the incredible story of how you met and fell in love. Starting with a couch interview and then a visit to somewhere nice where I can get few shots of you both hanging out and goofing around, you will have yourselves a super fun video about the highlights of your relationship that you can share with your friends and family at your engagement party, wedding or simply on social media.


Super 8 Wedding Films


Super 8 Adelaide! For all the vintage lovers out there, Super 8 is an authentic film format (popular in the 1970’s) that is perfect for giving your modern wedding memories an old school vibe. If this kind of thing is your jam, I will bring along one of my beloved Super 8 movie cameras, a few rolls of Kodak Super 8 film and capture your nuptials to the beautiful sound of film running through the camera gate. I will then cut you a 3-minute Super 8 montage of your special day set to a cute piece of music. You can add a Super 8 Wedding Film to a Wedding Video Package or book it as a standalone service.


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