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The way that I film my weddings is a blend of candid videography and professional cinematography. I shoot with high-end Canon cameras and lenses combined with gimbal technology to bring every moment of your day to life with cinematic camera movement and razor-sharp image quality and I have a small-scale lighting kit that I will use during your reception to brighten things up and add a bit of flair to your formalities.

Audio recording is a crucial part of my filmmaking process. Since there will be many sources of audio throughout the day including both of you, your celebrant, band, DJ, etc, I have a variety of professional audio recording devices which I will mount discreetly to clothing and speakers to ensure that your vows, readings and speeches are all captured as clearly as possible and can be used as narration in your wedding films.

While all this Wedding Videography gear may sound a bit daunting, rest assured that my presence on the day is super minimal and you won't even know I'm there half the time. I prefer to document the day as it naturally unfolds rather than getting you to ‘perform’ for the camera. All you have to do is be yourselves, enjoy the day and I'll take care of the rest!


The editing stage of my filmmaking process is quite complicated. Essentially it involves syncing all the footage that I've filmed from the day with the various audio sources I've recorded and assembling everything on the timeline in a way that tells the story of your wedding. From here it's all about choosing the right music to match the tone of the day, compressing and EQing the audio, tweaking the colours of each shot in the colour-grading process and adding effects and titles. If you understood any of that then we're going to get along famously! In any case, after all the bells and whistles are applied I will have crafted one of the following three wedding videos for you...

Teaser Trailer

Duration: 2 minutes

The Teaser Trailer is a cinematic sneak-peak of your wedding that I will fast-track to social media within a couple of days for you to share with your family and friends while everyone is still in that post-wedding glow. It will include a few awesome shots from the day as well as a snippet of audio from your formalities to get you excited to see your longer film(s).


Highlight Film

Duration: 3, 5 or 10 minutes

The Highlight Film is a stunning video record for you to remember your special day by. It runs anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes (depending on your Wedding Video Package) and will feature cinematic footage of you and your guests having the time of your lives, narrated with the very best audio grabs from your ceremony and reception formalities.

Full-Day Edit

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

The Full-Day Edit is a highly polished chronological account of your entire day from start to finish and includes all of your ceremony and reception formalities in full. It's a film that you can invite your loved ones over to watch with you or simply sit down and enjoy together on your anniversaries with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of wine.



By default, you will receive your final wedding videos as high-definition MP4 movie files on a bespoke USB that you can then transfer to your personal computer and other devices to view. These files will also be web optimised and ready for you to upload to social media.

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