Super 8 Wedding Films

Give your wedding videos an authentic vintage touch!

Super 8 Wedding Films


For all the vintage lovers out there, Super 8 is an authentic film format (popular in the 1970’s) that is still available and fantastic for giving your wedding memories an old school vibe. If that kind of thing is your jam, ask me about adding a Super 8 wedding film to your package. Along with your cinematic film(s) I will bring along one of my beloved Super 8 cameras and capture your nuptials to the beautiful sound of Super 8 film clicking through the camera gate. I will splice in this gorgeous retro footage to your cinematic wedding film(s) and you will also receive a standalone 3-minute Super 8 Wedding Film set to a cute piece of music.

You can add a Super 8 Wedding Film to a Wedding Video Package and you are welcome to book it as a standalone service.

Watch examples of Super 8 Films below and read more about it on my Blog.


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