About Me

Get to know the cat-loving vegan with a passion for filmmaking

My Story So Far

I grew up in Darwin, Northern Territory and I became hooked on filmmaking when I took a video production class in my last year of high school. I followed my newfound passion down to Adelaide and studied screen production at Flinders University, and I received a Bachelor of Creative Arts with Honours in Cinematography. After graduating, I worked as a camera operator and editor for a handful of production companies in South Australia — and that is where I got my first taste for Wedding Videography.


In 2014 I was offered the role of Video Producer at the Adelaide Football Club. I traveled around with the team, documenting training and game day preparations and produced behind-the-scenes video content for the club's TV show, website and social media platforms. After three seasons of working with the Crows, I wanted to get back into filming weddings and start my own business. I registered the name 'Curtis Brownjohn Films' in 2016 and I've been a happy little Wedding Videographer ever since!

Fun Facts

I am an only child.
My middle name is Alfred.
I've been a proud vegan since 2016.
I have four cats named Xerxes, Tiberius, Misty & Padme.
I have a black belt in a Korean Martial Art called Soo Bahk Do.

I've watched How I Met Your Mother from start to finish about 100 times.

My wife and I met during an amateur theater performance of 'The Mikado'.
In high school I made a video called 'Filmmaking Techniques' that has over 2 million views on YouTube!

My Favourite Things

Anchorman, Back to the Future, Band of Brothers, Blink-182, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, cats, coffee, craft beer, Crash Bandicoot, Death Cab for Cutie, DZ Deathrays, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Game of Thrones, Halo, How I Met Your Mother, hummus, The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Kooks, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, The Office, pasta, Rick and Morty, snowboarding, Star Wars, Steven Spielberg, The Wombats, Yellowcard, Zoolander...


...and of course, filmmaking!

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Now enough about me,
let's talk about you!