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CBJ Awards 2020

It's time to announce the CBJ Awards for 2020! As I look back through the footage from all of these weddings I am not only humbled by the sincere beauty of my job but I am floored by our ability to push on with our plans despite everything that has been thrown at us in 2020.

Congratulations to everyone who has managed to get their weddings done. I am so happy for you and you all deserve medals for your positivity and perseverance. To my couples who have postponed until next season or beyond — stay strong! Your big day will come, it will be totally amazing, and I can’t wait to capture all that energy for you.

It’s become a tradition here at Curtis Brownjohn Films for me to cut together a little montage of all the weddings I’ve filmed over the last 12 months and bestow fun little awards to my couples. But before I announce the winners of the awards this year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few very important people without whom my business would disintegrate.

First and foremost to my wife Cashmere. My love, you are an incredible person, a force to be reckoned with and I don’t know what I would have done this year without you. Not only did you get the both of us and our businesses through a global pandemic but you have now filmed a handful of weddings with me and I couldn’t be more grateful or proud of how much you’ve learnt. Thank you for your kindness and empathy for everyone around you and your ability to focus pull like a total boss.

I would also like to say a special thank you to legends of the industry and all-round top blokes Cameron Averay, James Donovan and Stephen Ludwig. My friends, thank you for gifting me with your live stream, drone and camera operating talents and putting up with my terribly confusing direction. You enrich my work in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

To all of the wonderful vendors I work alongside from the photographers and wedding stylists to the musicians and celebrants (you know who you are), thank you for helping me to make these films all the more magical. I wish you all the success and happiness in the year to come.

Last but not least I would like to thank you, my couples, for choosing me to film the most important day of your lives; for your faith and trust in me throughout this sh*tstorm of a year; and for your patience and gratitude as always. You’ve all been wonderful humans and you continue to give me the best job in the world.

And so, without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the Curtis Brownjohn Films Award recipients for 2020!

Kathryn & Ross — Best Music

The tune-age for this wedding was absolutely mental. A brass band flash mob, acoustic duo plus a rocking band for the rest of the night — these guys had it all. Not to mention guest appearances from several members of the family!

Nicole & Luke — Biggest Bridal Party

Among so many other talking points — this was the biggest lineup for a wedding bridal party I've seen to date. To sum it up with a quote from the best man: "I would say congratulations to everyone up here for making the cut, but there's about 50 of us so clearly it wasn't that hard."

Emma & Max — Best DIY Wedding

I love a good country town wedding and this one was next level. Congratulations to Emma & Max and their families for putting on an absolutely incredible show for the big day on the family farm.

Luke & Leighton — Sharpest Suit(s)

What an incredible celebration it was for these two gentlemen and boy did they look the part!

Steph & Cale — "It’s all in the details" Award

For these guys, a beautiful ceremony was followed by an absolutely breathtaking reception at Mandalay House & Garden. Styled by Kiera Blanden Events, the tennis court marquee was an absolute delight from the chandeliers down to the cutlery.

Angela & Chance — Best Love Notes

To kick off another gorgeous wedding day, this pair of lovers wrote each other the cutest of notes to read in the morning. There were tears and laughs at both ends.

Mel & Matt — "Something a little different” Award

My last wedding before all hell broke loose in March was a real treat. Mel and Matt hosted an intimate day time ceremony and reception at Coriole Vineyards with good food, great wine and a trip to the gorgeous cliffs at Blanche Point for sunset shots to cap it all off.

Allie & Matt — Rain Hail or Shine Award

These super troopers hosted one of the most amazing weddings I've been a part of. Not only was everything perfect and immaculately planned by Allie but it all went down under buckets of rain. We had a ball running around the property at Woodburn Homestead getting some truly beautiful shots of the newlyweds and their crew huddled up under their umbrellas.

Rikki & Luke — Best COVID Safe Dancing

Amidst the chaos that was September weddings in South Australia, Rikki and Luke pulled off an absolute corker of a wedding at Barn 1890. Among so many beautiful moments, a highlight for me was the incredible COVID-safe and musical-chairs-inspired dance moves that their friends and family instigated that evening.

Erin & Elijah — Best Venue

It is always a pleasure to film a wedding at Longview Vineyard and I'm so glad my brother and law and his wife chose to host their special day there. As always everything is cosy and close, and on this particular occasion decorated superbly by the happy couple. Not to mention they always provide me with a delicious vegan meal!

Demsey & Andrew — Best Stack & Recovery

I'm so sorry Demsey but I just have to give this award to you!! Your wedding day was so incredible with so many amazing moments but the way you stacked it on your reception entrance and recovered with such a big smile on your face(s) was truly something special.

Garreth & Julie — Best First Dance

After a beautiful wedding ceremony in Kuitpo Forest, we were treated to a wonderful evening at K1 Wines featuring a mesmerising first dance from the newlyweds.

Mahima & Kym — Cutest Couple

The Cutest Couple Award is pretty self explanatory and I think a good majority of my couples are pretty gosh darn cute, I like to think I reserve it for the couple that makes me say "awww" the most during photo locations.

Brittany & Jamie — Most Flower Girls & Page Boys

There was soooo much to say about this incredible wedding but hands down I've never seen so many little ones walk down the aisle. They all did a fantastic job of it too! As well as showering the aisle with petals they provided many moments of comic relief cackling away to everyone's speeches and dancing up a storm.

Jaslyn & Jed — Third Time Lucky Award

My dear friends, I'm so glad that you were able to finally host your beautiful wedding after 3 postponements!! Well worth the wait.

Congratulations to all recipients for 2020! And honourable mentions/awards to my live stream couples:

Michael & Alicia — Best Shed Wedding

Edward & Karolina — Best Disney References

Adriana & David — Best Beach Wedding

Danny & Katrina — Best Dressed

Megan & David — Best English Accent

Alex & Nick — Best Cathedral

Thank you for reading!




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