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Port Douglas on Super 8

This winter my wife and I escaped to Port Douglas for a week of much-needed rest and relaxation. Despite my best efforts to not pack any camera equipment, I couldn't resist bringing along my Canon 814XL-S super 8 camera and a few rolls of super 8 film (50D and 500T) to document our adventures.

I also took my Mavic Pro. And an anamorphic iPhone lens. And my GoPro kit.

But I was NOT taking my DLSR gear. I was, after all, on a holiday.

Anyway, to summarise the trip it was absolutely awesome. A perfect place to unwind and a good amount of time to reset the system before our return to Adelaide winter.

Highlights included a snorkel trip to the Great Barrier Reef with Calypso; a bike ride on the beach; a guided tour of the Daintree Forest with our Indigenous guide; topped off with a few massages, lots of swimming and many beers at the Court House Hotel. There was even a surprisingly decent amount of vegan food in Port Douglas.

Please enjoy this definitely not professional production of our trip :)




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