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Live Streaming for Adelaide Weddings

This particular set of rambling is about part two of Curtis’ genius ideas to keep his business afloat in the face of coronavirus: Live Streaming.

Background: as you would know, live streaming has been readily available to the average person for years. Social media giants including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook began introducing live stream platforms as far back as 2014 and since then it has steadily evolved into a huge part of how we share video content with the world.

While everyone is well versed with live television broadcasts and vision switching (talk shows, sports, event coverage, etc) what’s really exciting now is that AV equipment manufacturers have recognised the need for pro-sumer level creatives to be broadcasting events for their clients in highest possible quality — and I don’t just mean in High Definition but more specifically a super sharp video feed from a DSLR camera and high quality audio. A piece of equipment that won’t break the bank, but can give the operator the ability to live stream HD video to any online platform whilst switching between multiple cameras as well as having control over an array of audio sources is exactly what wedding videographers like myself are thirsty for.

Enter stage right — standing 7 feet tall and wearing a billowing velvet cape — my good friend and fellow wedding videographer Cameron Averay. Amidst the chaos that was our friends in Victoria dropping the ball on their Covid-19 management, Cameron rings to tell me the exciting news that he and his wife have just welcomed their first baby into the world, but more importantly that he’s invested in a beauty of a live stream switcher and now we can offer some pretty advanced live streaming to our wonderful clients.

The piece of equipment in question shall remain nameless at this time, but suffice it to say will enable Cameron and I to broadcast a wedding ceremony live to the screens of our clients’ loved ones who are stuck interstate and unable to attend the event.

More information can be found at

I rejoice at this development and so should you, dear reader. If you’re in the process of planning a wedding or even a school concert, a conference or musical performance — get in touch with me and I will help you live stream all those precious proceedings to the world.



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