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Live Streaming

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Include your loved ones who couldn’t quite make it to your wedding by live streaming your ceremony. A dedicated live stream team will capture and broadcast in real time everything from your aisle walk to your first kiss and all those precious moments in between. With razor sharp image quality and crystal clear audio, you can rest assured that no matter the distance — everyone will be able to share in your special day.

How does it work?

Step 1: Planning

There are several options that will be available to you when it comes to deciding where you would like to broadcast your live stream. We will work closely with you in the lead up to the wedding to figure out the best streaming platform for you that will ensure that your loved ones of all ages can easily access your live stream. We will also communicate the setup and requirements of the live stream with your venue so that everyone is on the same page when the time comes to broadcast.

Step 2: Going Live

Your live stream crew will arrive at the venue approximately 2 hours before the beginning of your ceremony to set up all the necessary equipment for the live stream. Along with cameras and audio devices, this also includes a professional live streaming switch box, monitors and an array of 4G devices that will transmit the highest quality signal to your chosen streaming platform.

The stream will go live approximately 5 minutes before the ceremony starts and open with a 'welcome' graphic. At the appropriate moment, your live stream operator will switch into the main broadcast feed and off we go!


The cameras that will be used to capture the footage for your live stream are the same as the cameras I use to make your wedding videos (professional DSLR cameras and lenses) which will ensure that the picture your live stream audience members see will have that sharp cinematic quality to it. Audio will be sourced from wireless lapel mic transmitters mounted to each of you (clothes permitting) as well as your celebrant.


Your live stream will continue to follow the main 'action' of your ceremony all the way up until you've signed the marriage register and have made your way up the aisle. At this point the live stream will conclude with a 'thank you' graphic.

Step 3: Wrap up

After the big day it is up to what you would like to do with your live stream. You will receive the full-length live stream feed as a HD movie file which you are welcome to upload on social media for your family and friends to enjoy, or simply watch it yourselves at home.

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