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Brisbane Wedding Videography
+ Stills Photography

by Curtis Brownjohn Films

Hello and welcome! My name is Curtis Brownjohn and I'm a Brisbane Wedding Videographer and Wedding Photographer. My journey as a creative artist began when I picked up a video camera in high school and started making feel-good films for family and friends, documenting all the adventures we had together both the exciting and the ordinary. I loved watching everyone's reactions to those little films I made and decided it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. After completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts with Honours in Cinematography at Flinders University, I worked at the Adelaide Football Club producing their TV show 'The Crows Show'. Eventually I started my own business so I could make feel-good films for loved up couples on their wedding day and for the last 10 years I have provided my unique brand of Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography to over 200+ couples.

Brisbane Wedding Videographer Curtis Brownjohn Films
Brisbane Wedding Videographer Curtis Brownjohn Films

Being entrusted to capture a wedding is incredibly fulfilling to me. I get just as much of a kick out of seeing the reactions people get from my work as I did when I made my first film back in high school! I love making people tear up and laugh, I look to capture the connections people have with each other, not only the connections spouses have with each other but also that which they share with families and friends. All those little glances across the room and exchanges of smiles are absolute gold and I use my passion for cinematography to capture those moments as candidly and cinematically as I can. Whether it's a wedding video, super 8 wedding film or a gallery of wedding photos, my ultimate goal is to give you an honest snapshot of your special day to laugh at, cry with, and cherish forever.

Brisbane Wedding Videographer Curtis Brownjohn Films

Curtis Brownjohn

Brisbane Wedding Photography

Lively Stills Photography available in conjunction with or as an alternative to wedding videography

Brisbane Wedding Videography

Capture your special day with a Cinematic Wedding Video or a Super 8 Wedding Film

If you enjoyed watching those films, there are plenty more to see!


Give your wedding day memories a vintage vibe with an authentic Super 8mm Wedding Film


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do both Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography?

Yes! Wedding Photography is a service I can provide for you in conjunction with or as an alternative to Wedding Videography. Using the same professional caliber DSLR cameras that I film with, I will take stunning high-resolution photographs throughout the day and provide you with a collection of carefully curated images ready for you to upload to social media, create a photo album with or print onto canvas if you so choose. I enjoy snapping stills as much as making movies and having me be the sole service provider capturing both your photos and video not only yields fantastic results for both mediums but also keeps the running of your special day efficient and fun! Please click here to find out more.

Can we add a Super 8 Wedding Film to our package?

Absolutely! For the vintage lovers out there, Super 8 is the perfect way to give you wedding day memories an old school vibe. Super 8 is a home-movie film format that was popular back in the 60’s, and the film stock is still available today. If this kind of thing is your jam, I will bring along one of my refurbished Super 8 cameras and capture your celebrations on authentic Super 8mm film. You will receive a 3-4 minute Super 8 Wedding Film set to a cute piece of music and if you are also purchasing a Wedding Videography Package I will splice this gorgeous retro footage into your cinematic wedding films. You can add Super 8 to a Wedding Video Package for $1650 or book it as a standalone service for $3300. Watch examples of Super 8 films here.

Do you offer drone videography?

I do indeed! Drone Videography is an easy way to add an extra cinematic touch to your wedding videos and wedding photos. It is something I would highly recommend adding to your video/photo package especially if you are tying the knot in a particularly gorgeous part of the world. You will get see your wedding locations from above with breath-taking shots captured on professional grade aerial cinematography equipment. Drone Videography is limited by location and other factors, so please ask me about the best way to add drone to your package.

Can we live stream our ceremony?

Yes! You can now include your loved ones who couldn’t quite make it to your big day by live streaming your wedding ceremony. A dedicated live stream team will capture and broadcast in real time everything from your aisle walk to your first kiss and all those precious moments in between. With razor sharp image quality and crystal-clear audio, you can rest assured that everyone will be able to share in your special day no matter the distance or the circumstance. Find out more on my Live Streaming page.

Can we customise a Wedding Videography/Photography Package?

Whilst I carefully structure my packages to ensure that your coverage comfortably aligns with the film(s) you are receiving, please don’t hesitate to ask me about adding extra features or moving things around to suit your budget and needs. Visit Package & Options to view my current Wedding Videography Packages.

Can we choose the music for our wedding videos?

No. While we all have our favourite tunes, unfortunately I cannot use music by commercial artists like Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, etc. in my video productions without complicated and expensive licensing requirements. This also extends to covers of the same songs by other artists. Not only is using this kind of music without permission against the law but it will make it impossible for either of us to upload the films to social media platforms without them being instantly flagged by music detection algorithms and taken down. I use a professional music licensing library called to find and purchase original music by talented songwriters that I have determined will suit the narrative of your film(s) and tie all the heartstrings together. I take great pride in matching up lyrics thematically with the content of each wedding video and experimenting with various genres of music. It’s one of the reasons why my wedding films look and feel as special as they do.

Do you provide raw footage?

No. The amount of content that I capture at a wedding can often exceed 4 hours, not including multiple camera angles, and there will be a lot of shakes and wobbles that I would prefer you didn't have to sit through! If you would like to see more of your special day, I offer a Raw Footage Film as part of my Deluxe Package. This film is a feature-length, highly polished chronological account of your entire day from start to finish and includes your ceremony and reception formalities in full. You can invite your nearest and dearest over for a movie night or simply enjoy it together on your anniversaries with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of wine.

Are there any travel costs for rural or interstate weddings?

I am happy to travel by car to locations within 100km of Brisbane CBD without any extra fees. If your wedding is happening outside of this area then travel, accommodation, car hire and other fees may apply. While I am based in Queensland, I will always jump at the opportunity to travel interstate for a wedding so please don't hesitate to ask. I will provide you with cost estimations for you to approve and include them in the final price of your Wedding Videography and/or Photography Package.

What happens if you are unable to make it on the day?

In the event that I am unable to personally attend your wedding due to a personal matter, sickness, or other matter beyond my control, I have fantastic support networks in place and I will be able to find a talented wedding photographer and/or wedding videographer to capture your special day in my stead. You will receive a comprehensive list of Terms & Conditions that go over this and more in more detail when I provide you with your booking confirmation document.

How long before we get to see our wedding videos?

For Wedding Photography Packages, I will endeavour to provide you with a sneak peek gallery of photos within a few days of your wedding. Similarly, if you are getting a Teaser Trailer as part of your Wedding Videography Package, this film will be fast-tracked to social media within a day or two of your wedding for you to share with your family and friends. Your other videos and/or photos will then join my editing queue and will usually take me between 3 to 6 months to complete. This can vary depending on how busy my wedding season is as well as personal factors.


If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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