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Packages & Options

Choose a Wedding Video Package and a few extras for your special day.

Your investment. My promise.

Below are the four different Wedding Video Packages that you can choose from for your big day. Each package varies in the amount of video coverage as well as the type and duration of films you will receive but regardless of the package you end up going with, your wedding videos will always be filmed and edited by me in that same cinematic style as the work you've already seen here, using professional camera equipment, lighting and audio recording devices.


All prices are inclusive of GST.


Economy Package



6 Hours of Coverage
Highlight Film (3 minutes)

Online delivery of

HD MP4 file

The Economy Package is perfect if you are planning a wedding on a tight budget. It will give you cinematic video coverage of your ceremony, photo locations and reception formalities plus a little bit of dancing to cap off a beautiful video montage of your special day for you to share with your family and friends.

Simple Package



10 Hours of Coverage
Highlight Film (5 minutes)

HD MP4 file on USB

The Simple Package ramps up your coverage time to 10 hours and gets you an action-packed 5-minute Highlight Film. Assembled to a meticulously selected piece of music that complements the vibe of your wedding, your Highlight Film will feature cinematic footage of your preparations, ceremony, photo locations and reception, and is narrated with the very best audio grabs from your formalities. Your final film will be delivered to you as a high-definition movie file on a USB that you can then transfer to your personal computer to view and upload to social media.

Classic Package



10 Hours of Coverage
Teaser Trailer (2 minutes)

Highlight Film (10 minutes)

HD MP4 files on USB

The Classic Package doubles the length of your Highlight Film to 10 minutes which means that you will get to see more of the footage I’ve captured throughout the day and get to hear more of everyone's speeches. The Classic Package also includes a Teaser Trailer which is a cinematic sneak-peak of your wedding that I will fast-track to social media within a couple of days for you to share with your family and friends while everyone is still in that post-wedding glow. It will include a few awesome shots from the day as well as a snippet of audio from your formalities to get you excited to see your Highlight Film.

Deluxe Package



12 Hours of Coverage

Second Camera Operator
Teaser Trailer (2 minutes)

Highlight Film (15 minutes)

Full-Day Edit (2 hours)
HD MP4 files on USB

The Deluxe Package will ensure that you don’t miss out on reliving a single moment from your special day. You’ll have two talented camera operators, 12 hours of video coverage, a Teaser Trailer and an epic 15-minute Highlight Film. Best of all, the Deluxe Package includes a 2-hour (sometimes longer) Full-Day Edit. This monster of a movie is a highly-polished chronological account of your entire day from start to finish and includes all of your ceremony and reception formalities in full. It's a film that you can invite your loved ones over to watch with you or simply sit down and enjoy together on your anniversaries with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of wine.

Find out more about each of the edits I offer.




Give your Wedding Videos that extra 'wow' factor.

Engagement Story


Tell your friends and family the story of how you met each other and got engaged. We'll spend a whole day together, starting off with a couch interview to get you chatting to each other about your relationship began, who made the first move and what you love about each other. Then we'll head out and about to get some shots of you both cosying up in some of your favourite spots around town — maybe even film a reenactment of how the proposal went down! The result is a 10-minute cinematic story that you can play at your engagement party or upload to social media for everyone to enjoy.


Drone Videography $660

If you're tying the knot in a particularly gorgeous part of the world, I highly recommend adding Drone Videography your Wedding Video Package. You will get see your preparations, ceremony, photo and reception locations with breath-taking shots from above captured by a fully licensed pilot using the latest professional-grade aerial cinematography equipment. These soaring shots will give your wedding films an extra cinematic touch and make it feel like you are watching Lord of the Rings.


Still Frame Gallery $550

Videography and Photography are completely different ballgames and I recommend investing in both services. However, every now and then I might capture something on video that your photographer doesn't which is why I offer a Still Frame Gallery. Along with your wedding videos, I can provide you with up to 500 still frame grabs from the timeline, all touched up with the same colour work as your videos and exported in high-definition. These images can be printed up to A4 size without losing quality and are perfect for making a photo album and/or uploading to social media.


Personalised DVDs $55 each

Grab some Personalised DVDs to add to your collection at home and give to your family and friends. They will have your names and faces printed on the covers and discs as well as DVD menus that are custom made for you (plus chapter selection for a Full-Day Edit).

Questions? Contact me below or see if you can find the answers in my FAQs.