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Brisbane Wedding Videographer

This September my wife and I made the big move to Brisbane, Queensland. Having holidayed in the sunshine state several times, we had always loved the vibe of this place and it was our dream to one start a new chapter of our lives there. What a feeling it was for it to finally come to fruition!

Our biggest priority for the move was making sure our fur babies were comfortable. Not wanting to subject the kitties to the horrors of air travel, we decided to rent an RV and drive up to our new home with them nice and cozy by our sides. It went as well as we could have hoped for without any major incidents, and the journey up through the beautiful landscapes of rural NSW and Queensland was something we'll always cherish.

We've landed in Brisbane and are so excited to kick off our new adventure here. I'm now happy to call myself a Brisbane based Wedding Videographer and I'm looking forward to providing Gold Coast Wedding Videography as well as Wedding Photography in Queensland. My wife will be starting their Osteopathy degree at university in the Gold Coast soon, and everything feels like it's coming together just right.

Here are some photos of our expedition!



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