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CBJ Awards 2021

Happy New Year friends! And yes I know we’re off to a bit of a rocky start but I’m sure the proverbial sun will shine down upon us all soon. 2021 was an exciting one for me and my little filmmaking business. I tried my hand at some real estate videography, made some music videos and filmed/live streamed just shy of 20 weddings.

I would like to thank all of you, my followers, for continuing to tune in and watch the films I produce. I love and appreciate you for that. And to everyone who entrusted me to capture their special day this year — you are like family to me and it gives me the utmost pleasure to present you all with your very own CBJ Award!

Slickest Suit - Kelsie & Charlie

I’m sorry Kelsie, you were a absolute vision as was your wonderful wedding day at Sunnybrae Estate, but we can’t deny that your husband stole the show with that gorgeous suit of his. I can’t remember: did he pick it himself? Extra points if so!

Best Food - Kelsey & Ricky

Kelsey and Ricky you guys put on the most delicious spread of eats for us all that day! Between the Daisy Burger and Tacocat food trucks not to mention the tower of vegan donuts and other sweets — I was in culinary heaven. Thank you!

Hippest Venue - Kelly & Rhys

Kelly and Rhys, you classy cats, well done for choosing Chateau Apollo to host your special day. I’d never been there before but it was such a cool venue to tie the knot at and suited your classy vibes perfectly IMO.

Maid of Poetry - Candice & Luke

Candi and Luke, what a beautiful pair you make! Your wedding at Tipi Lane was spectacular from start to finish and the speeches that evening were particularly top notch. Furthermore I feel that your MOH Laurie deserves an award for her fantastic poetry skills she eloquently employed to recount the series of fortunate events that led up to your special day.

Animal Kingdom - Crystal & Ryan

Crystal and Ryan I love a good zoo wedding and the animals were out in force for your special day!

Nicest Notes - Ellie & Matt

Oh boy were there tears galore at this fairytale wedding. Ellie and Matt your notes to each other in the morning (not to mention Matt’s hand illustrated diary of their entire relationship!) were absolutely wonderful. You are both such romantic souls and weren’t afraid to let it show that day. Thank you.

Coolest Cars - Tammy & Matt

I drove up to Mildura to spend the day with these legends at Willow & Ivie. Amongst the many talking points of their wedding day, the collection of vintage motorbikes and automobiles was definitely a stand out. Kudos to you guys for organising such a stylist entourage of vehicles to chauffeur you around!

Most hip hop references - Sarah & Dan

I remember our first meeting at Jarmer’s Kitchen, I asked you guys “what sort of musics are you into?” and you both replied “Wu-Tang Clan”. So I knew going in that this wedding was going to be dope AF and it did not disappoint, with your love for tasty beats firmly at the heart of your special day. From your ceremony to your speeches I reckon there were close to dozen allusions to your favourite lyrics and artists. You guys were so much fun and I had a great time putting your high octane film together.

Wedding on Wheels - Natasha & Lucy

Tassie and Lucy, ou guys were so much freaking fun to work with and you organised the most perfect last minute wedding at Prohibition Liquor Co. I can’t believe I actually got to film you riding around the Adelaide CBD on electric scooters! Incredible effort and amazing results.

Best COVID Safe Dancing - Sawan & Ashleigh

Sawan and Ashleigh I know how many setbacks you had in the lead up to your big day at the National Wine Centre but honestly I think you pulled off one of the best weddings of the year despite it all. This in part due to your amazing guests who took to the dance floor in their seats and boogied up a (very safe) storm with you.

Fanciest Footwork - Rhizza & David

Rhizza and Dave you guys overcame a world of obstacles and were still all smiles on your special day. There were a hundred highlights from your wedding but your first dance took the cake for me, well done! It was a challenge keeping up with your fancy footwork.

Best Boy - Renae & James

Renae and James this award goes out to your little one for being such happy helper on your special day. But apart from Hugo stealing the show I loved everything about your wedding day guys and I can’t wait to assemble your film soon!

Best Bridal Party - Victoria & Ricky

Victoria and Ricky what a great crew you assembled to stand beside you on your big day at Lot 100. Everyone understood the assignment and I barely even had to say “action” all day as there was always something going on in the ranks. Another wedding I can’t wait to assemble in the edit suite.

The Camera Loves Us - Natalie & Charlie

Natalie and Charlie you are both champions. Thank you for letting us steal you away from your wonderful wedding guests multiple times throughout the afternoon. You both jumped in with both feet and tried all the poses we could throw at you and you absolutely nailed it. That golden hour footage is spectacular.

Cutest Ring Bearer - Nick & Krystal

Nick you looked very handsome and Krystal you scrubbed up well too — but I’m afraid this particular award has to go to your furry boy Eddie for being the Cutest Ring Bearer of 2021!

Honourable mentions to my live stream couples Mia & Spencer, Leigh & Brock and Kyle & Libby for your wonderful broadcasts and of course to Hannah & Shannon for allowing me to document their intimate forest ceremony on Super 8.

Congratulations everyone and thank you for choosing me to be your Wedding Videographer!





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