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CBJ Awards 2018

It’s only been two years since I decided to ‘take the leap’, leaving my job and going full-time with my Wedding Videography business, and I have to say that the response I’ve received from everyone over that time has been unexpectedly positive and truly humbling.

2018 has been nothing short of a non-stop thrill ride. Somehow I managed to get myself invited to over 30 weddings; spent time in breath-taking locations with incredible people — several of them taking me out to some of the most amazing corners of South Australia — and I was even lucky enough to be flown up to my hometown of Darwin to enjoy a couple of dry season nuptials.

There were so many memorable moments amongst all that love that it’s absurd of me to even attempt to recall it all but as I rack my brain these are the things that stood out for me.

The year kicked off for me at Agapanthus Farm with Jenna and Sam who did an outstanding job of putting on the venue’s first wedding with little Harrison by their side. Jenna locked down the BEST DRESS award early in the year with her incredible golden cinderella number.

Kate and Ryan’s big day at Glenbarr Homestead was love and laughter central with one of the bride’s friends taking out the award for BEST SPEECH with a hilarious rhyming recount of their raunchy escapades.

Despite a windy start to the day I had an absolute blast traipsing through Kuitpo Forest ducking the wind and the rain with Poppy and Ben who couldn’t keep their hands or eyes off of each other.

Luke and Jessica hosted a beautiful wedding at Paxton Wines — Luke winning BEST GROOM REACTION by a mile this year.

Hannah and Brad had me up at the crack of dawn on Easter Monday to document their wedding up at Sunset Rock Uniting Church. A music and prayer-filled ceremony was followed by a gorgeous outdoor reception at Stangate House & Garden.

Hands down the BEST KISSING award goes to my beautiful neighbours Roland and Anne who had no issue macking on for minutes at a time while I got the most incredible sunset shots of them at Ukaria Cultural Centre.

Jenna and Aaron win BEST MUSIC when their funk band Funk Throne took to the stage of their gorgeous reception at Golding Wines and laid down music.

The feelings were real for me when my Primary School friend Joseph married his beautiful wife Julia in May with a two-hour acoustic music filled service at The Monastery and a glamorous reception at Adelaide Town Hall.

I joined Lizzie and Joel at East Point in Darwin for a cracker of a wedding day. Contenders in my books for multiple awards, these guys surrounded themselves with the best people who all flew up to the top end to join them for a fun-filled outdoor shindig by the sea, taking out BEST ENTERTAINMENT with the baby crocodiles who came to say hello at their reception.

The CUTEST KID award goes to my cousin Nick and his wife Jess. Little Evelyn stole the show that wintry day at Glanville Hall and that’s a completely unbiased decision…

Daniel and Melina flew me back up north to film their big day, their fourteen-strong entourage winning them the BIGGEST BRIDAL PARTY for the year.

Aside from being the most photogenic people ever, Charlotte and Petar wowed their reception guests with delicious Mexican food and a salsa dancing class that got everyone up and having the night of the lives.

Jessica and Brendan spent their special day driving around in a fleet of Rolls Royces and London Cabs — not to mention a motorcade of Harley Davidsons. The COOLEST CARS award goes to you my friends.

Charlie and Riley had a fun day of wedding celebrations out in Clare. I'd never heard of their DJs before before but my gosh did they bring the beats, turning that sheep sheering shed in Clare into a thumping rave with multiple subs, a wall of FX lighting and smoke machines.

I spent Grand Final Day with Christine and Lingyao who held their wedding reception at the State Library. Such an awesome venue with guests wining and dining in between walls of historical trinkets and several stories of books.

In October I took a trip up to the Novotel Barossa Valley Resort for Andrew and Katrina’s big day where I was treated to a celebration full of great tunes and friendly faces.

Alex and Turon put on a fantastic day at The Lane Vineyard where their delicious Turon Rose was on display for all to sample and enjoy.

Niki and Darryl had a grand ceremony on the lawns of Carrick Hill and an evening of Greek dancing and great food at the Adelaide Pavilion, kicked off with a creative dance routine which their bridal party helped them put on.

Hailey and Tristan win the award for BEST DIY WEDDING. They hosted us all at the family home in West Bundaleer with an epic reception in a giant shed purpose-built for the occasion.

Justin and Cheryl’s origin story of bumping into each other at Zhivagos one fateful night gets the nomination for BEST BACKSTORY, which led to their incredible wedding day at Marble Hill followed by an epic reception at The Sanctuary.

Alex and Keith were up there with the most adorable people I met this year. They tied the knot at Longview Vineyard with their gorgeous golden retriever Chloe by their side.

Cassie and Craig were simply picture perfect and partied like their was no tomorrow at Maximilian’s.

Sarah and Adam got married on a cloudy day at Mount Osmond Golf Course and take the award for CUTEST FAMILY. Adam also wins an honorary award for best smile.

Erica and Frankie flew themselves and their nearest and dearest to SA from NYC to host a ripper wedding in teepees under an oak tree at Tomich Vineyard. The BEST DANCE MOVES award goes to them and the groom’s brother Billy for ‘the helicopter’.

Sarah and Aaron tied the knot on a bridge in Undalya and the broke the internet with a whopping 6-minute choreographed first dance, taking out the coveted BEST FIRST DANCE award.

Kristynn and Andrew take the cake for CUTEST COUPLE. These two lovebirds gave me some of my favourite shots to date as they frolicked in slow motion together with a stunning adelaide backdrop.

And finally Gerald and Grace capped off the year for me with a stunning wedding up at Al Ru Farm with their gorgeous husky Misty looking on.

As I look back at all these wonderful unions I can’t help but feel like the luckiest person around getting to witness them. If you’re one of these amazing couples who took the courageous step into marriage this year, thank you for inviting me to film your day and all the very best for your lives together. Remember to cherish the words you spoke to one another that day and always be kind and honest with each other.

Much love and gratitude,


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