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CBJ Awards 2019

Another year done! That went ridiculously fast didn’t it? It’s hard to imagine I somehow went and filmed over 20 weddings amidst it all but this is as good a time as any to sit back and reflect on all of the wonderful things I witnessed.

So without further ado, below are the winners of the 2019 CBJ Awards! These awards are the highest honour a married couple can receive. The categories are totally made up and winners were selected by myself and a panel of my cats.

Best Speech — Sarah & Jarryd

Also in this case the ‘Best Bromance’ award. Jarryd’s mate Nick raised the bar for how to respectfully rip into the groom during a Best Man speech. Not crass, not too embarrassing, and incredibly funny.

Biggest Smiles — Mel & Dan

Melissa and Daniel are so in love that it is impossible for them to not be smiling 24/7. These guys just had their first child and so I expect that these smiles are now comical in size.

Best Venue — Jessie & Aedan

Two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, Jessie and Aedan had an absolutely killer wedding day in large part due to their amazing venue, Clean Slate. A gorgeous private property in Whites Valley, the lawned ceremony/reception area is surrounded by woods and vineyards, featuring a perfect patch of sunflowers for sunset photos out front as well as a gorgeous gully out back. A perfect place to host a wedding, run by two absolutely incredibly humans.

Best Dressed — Tegan & Keegan

Teegs and Keegs nailed it with their wedding day attires. Keegan and his boys sharp suited up in tuxes whilst Tegan effortlessly donned her simply stunning wedding dress and her bridesmaids accompanied her in equally ethereal dresses.

Best Groom Reaction — Francisco & Jiyoon

Francisco’s reaction to his beautiful wife walking down the aisle towards him was a perfect summary of all the overwhelming emotions you’re supposed to feel as your life partner approaches you down the aisle.

Cutest Family — Jade & Phill

On a glorious day in McLaren Vale, Jade & Phill said their vows with gorgeous little Ava-Rose watching on, ecstatic that her mum and dad were finally tying the knot.

Biggest Bridal Party — Olivia & Damon

With six players on each side, this league of legends helped Olivia and Damon put on one heck of a show for their special day across the pond in Kangaroo Island.

Best Backstory — Leah & Ryan

Sometimes the best relationship stories are the simple ones, like how Leah and Ryan got to know each other over a reception desk and eventually sealing the deal at the same place they shared their first date all those moons ago.

Picture Perfect — Elise & Michael

This ridiculously good-looking duo could do no wrong on their wedding day. Chiselled features aside, they put on an absolutely magnificent wedding for Mike Hemus and I to capture at the Botanic Gardens and Plant 4 Bowden.

Best Kissing — Megan & Jessica

There were so many wonderful talking points from this incredibly special wedding but at the end of the day I have to say guys that you snog like total superstars. Congrats.

Coolest Cars — Maddie & Ben

Anyone who rocks up to their church in old London cabs automatically wins this one. Love it.

Best Party — Harry & Dayna

This was such a fun wedding day from start to finish but Harry and Dayna took it up a notch boogy-ing the night away with their college cohort to some high quality bangers.

Details Award — Allison & Nigel

Tying the knot on May the 4th, Allison and Nigel took my flippant suggestion that they should ‘Star Wars it up a bit’ to the next freaking level. Everything from droids walking down the aisle to a millennium falcon wedding cake — these guys did it all.

Best Singing — Mahalia & Thomas

It’s not every day that a bride serenades her new husband and the fact that Harli is a world class singer definitely helps her secure this award without competition.

Best Weather — Sarah & Nathan

Sarah and Nathan picked the perfect time and place to tie the knot. The foliage up in Bridgewater Mill at the end of May was absolutely stunning as the fall colours were in full swing.

Biggest Bridal Party — Eve & Kohan

This award also goes to these guys who gathered a group of beautiful besties to help them celebrate their Northern Territory wedding. Special mention to the groomsmen who changed into swim trunks for the reception!

Best DIY Wedding — Lauren & Chad

Lauren and Chad held a wonderful wedding for us in Balaklava which was essentially put together by hand. Everything from their ceremony spot on the edge of a wheat field to the details at their reception was hand watered/mown/crafted to perfection.

Raddest Reception — Kate & Storm

There were so many wonderful receptions this year but I’m giving this one to Katherine and Storm who knew just what to do to give their outdoor reception at Al Ru Farm that extra special touch. A beautiful setting was accompanied by a photo booth, DJ, donuts, lawn games, caricature artist and to top it all off everyone got toasties at the end of the night.

Top Tardis — Alice & Matt

This wedding was super special. Alice and Matt were a picture of perfection all day from their church ceremony in Glenelg to their backyard marquee celebrations that evening, but the day was won for me when I saw the life-size TARDIS Alice’s father had built for her in the backyard of their family home.

Coolest Cat — Anna & Mark

Again, there were so many talking points from Anna and Mark’s beautiful winery wedding at Coriole but I want to give a shout out to Anna’s beautiful old cat who stars in the opening shots of their teaser trailer.

Best Music — Richard & Minanti

These guys went ALL OUT with their ceremony music. I’m talking a full choir with string accompaniment and organist playing cinematic scale classical hits at key points throughout the proceedings. I loved it immensely.

Cutest Couple — Brad & Hailey

I spent another beautiful day up at Al Ru Farm with the two most lovely humans in the world who are head over heals for each other and it shows.

Best First Dance — Olivia & Kester

I saw a lot of awesome first dances this year but this award goes to these guys simply because they weren’t even planning on doing a dance at all but I talked them into it and it was magical.

Best Vows — Chelsea & Patrick

My last wedding of the year was an absolute beauty. Chelsea and Patrick are the sweetest of people and despite opposing football allegiances are 100% in love with every fibre of each other’s being. Their vows were a testament to this and difficult to capture through my own tears.

Congratulations to everyone who received a CBJ Award this year and thank you for choosing me to be your Wedding Videographer! Best of luck to all my 2020 participants...





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