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BTS: The Importance of Being Mic'd Up

One of the most essential parts of my job as a Wedding Videographer is ensuring that all the audio from your special day is captured clearly. This means things like your celebrant; readings from loved ones; your vows to each other; music from your entertainment; speeches at your reception...the list can be even longer than that for some weddings and it's my job to be get it all as this audio will serve as a backbone for your wedding videos — especially if you're getting a Full-Day Edit. do I do it?? With great difficulty at times I'll admit. In order to be prepared for any number of audio sources on a wedding day I have a whole case filled with a variety of professional audio recording devices ranging from a Zoom H6 (which I could record an entire band with) to a tiny little device called an Instamic Pro which is perfect for hassle-free celebrant recording (simple as clipping the little bug to their collar and away she goes). Depending on the situation and the source of the audio I will use whichever device I feel is best suited for the job to capture that audio.

One of my favourite recording devices, believe it or not, is my iPhone. Or at least one of my old iPhone 5's which were a lot smaller than the current models making them difficult to text on but perfect for slipping discretely into a groom's jacket pocket with a lapel microphone attached. I use the Rode Smartlav plus the Rode 'invisilav' mounts for this particular job which is an awesomely simple, clean and professional method of capturing speech. I plug in the lapel, open the Rode Rec app on the iPhone and hit record, lock it, attach the invisilav mount to the inside of the groom's jacket with a Rycote sticky mount and we're in business.

Now, the reason I ALWAYS put a microphone on one of you is so that even if your celebrant stands off to the side during the ceremony I am still recording everything that is going on between the two of you — or three in this case! Jess and Nick held their beautiful daughter Eve in their arms whilst exchanging rings and thanks to the lapel microphone on Nick's jacket you can hear not only their words to each other crystal clear (their celebrant stood off to the side for this) but you can hear little Evelyn's giggles as she makes the most of her big moment in the spotlight. Such a gorgeous moment and I thought a perfect example to explain the importance of being mic'd up.


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